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Zero pollution. Total satisfaction.

History:  Owner Philip Hempstead began ElectroCut Lawn Care in 2014 as Philip’s Environmentally Friendly Lawn Care. From the very begining, Philip used only zero emissions electric equipment and hand tools working alone from his home in Northampton, MA.  Now as ElectroCut Lawn Care, Philip has added employees and upgraded to the very latest electric equipment and has even added an electric vehicle to his fleet.  ElectroCut Lawn Care is fully insured and is prepared to serve the Pioneer Valley and has clients in the Amherst, MA and Northampton, MA areas.

Inspiration:  Philip never understood the need for noisy industrial-scale mowers and leaf blowers to maintain typical residential lawns.  Neither did he understand why busy homeowners would spend precious weekend hours hauling mowers and gas cans out of their sheds.  Philip knew his neighbors wanted their lawns to look nice, but he also knew they valued the environment.  So if given the choice, most would chose clean over dirty, quiet over loud, and the scent of flowers over the odor of gasoline fumes.  Likewise, he knew his neighbors valued their weekends and would be relieved to have their lawns reliably and ethically maintained for them.

Solution:  Philip combined his passion for the earth with his entrepreneurial spirit to form ElectroCut Lawn Care. Using modern lithium-ion battery technology and renewable energy, ElectroCut Lawn Care offers high-quality lawn care with minimal noise and virtually no pollution, all at an affordable price. ElectroCut Lawn Care truly checks all the boxes: ethical choice, high quality, affordable, local.

 Philip personally oversees all lawn care services to ensure customers satisfaction