Press Release, July 20, 2017:

Northampton, MA:   ElectroCut Lawn Care of Northampton announced that it has received accreditation from the American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA) for its use of zero-emissions electric equipment for all of its routine lawn care services. 

AGZA, a member-based organization, provides certification and accreditation in zero-emission landscape maintenance strategies and is the authority for eco-friendly landscape maintenance practices.

ElectroCut Lawn Care is among the first twenty lawn care companies in the nation to earn AGZA accreditation and is the only one in western Massachusetts.

“We are proud to receive AGZA accreditation,” said ElectroCut Lawn Care founder Philip Hempstead, 17, of Northampton.  “ElectroCut meets the strict AGZA standards but we even go a step further by charging all our battery-operated equipment with solar power for a true zero emissions service from end to end.”

The EPA has found that for each hour of operation, a typical 24 hp commercial gas mower emits the equivalent air pollution of 4,840 average vehicle miles driven. And for one hour of operation a typical two-stroke weed whacker generates the equivalent air pollution of 3,000 vehicle miles driven.  Based on this study, ElectroCut estimates that every month, each of its 70 customers is preventing the air-pollution equivalent of approximately 10,000 vehicle miles driven.

“Customers are always surprised to see how much pollution they are preventing by selecting ElectroCut’s zero-emissions services,” said Hempstead.  “Gas powered equipment is highly polluting and diesel and bio-diesel equipment pollutes far more even than gas.  ElectroCut’s equipment is not only emissions free, but it is 70% quieter than gas-powered equipment because there are no noisy engines.  We also guarantee customer satisfaction with our results.”

ElectroCut Lawn Care uses the Mean Green CXR mower, the fastest commercial electric mower on the planet.  “Our electric mower can cut at nearly 11 mph,” said Hempstead, “but it is extremely quiet and efficient.  We were the first in the area to put a commercial electric mower into service, and we are also the first to attain AGZA accreditation.  We want to lead the movement towards electrified lawn care.  It is now a choice and we want it to be an easy one.  We deliver the same or better quality, but without the noise and pollution and we guarantee our results.”

As an AGZA accredited vendor, each of the lawns regularly serviced by ElectroCut is now an AGZA Green Zones® by extension.

“We look forward to placing the AGZA logo on our trailer and our website,” said Hempstead.