All-Natural Organic Fertilization

Electrocut Organic Fertilizer Programs

All-Natural Organic Fertilization

Designed To Improve And Strengthen Soil Composition And Thicken Your Lawn To Ward Off Weeds, Pests And Other Invaders.

With quality lawn care, natural product use, and proper cultivation, our organic fertilizer program creates an environment for your lawn to thrive. And our fertilizers are safe for your family, pets and the environment.

Full-Service Fertilization Program

ElectroCut offers 5 program levels. The program you sign up for will be determined by soil test results, current lawn conditions, your budget and expectations.

Full-Service Programs include:

  • To Begin Your Fertilization Program we use an accurate Soil test. which provides critical information about the current state of the
    soil, determines the type and amount of soil amendments needed.
  • Three Applications Of All-Natural Organic Fertilizer.
  • Soil Amendments (Based On Soil Test Results)
    • Pelleted compost or humate application. This is a soil conditioner that enriches soil and promotes healthy microbe growth.
    • Lime application. Most lawns grow best with a slightly acidic pH. Lime reduces soil acidity and supplies necessary calcium for seed growth.
  • Fall Core Aeration & Overseeding. Overseeding works best when combined with aeration. Electrocut perforates the soil with our aerator before broadcasting grass seed over the surface.
  • Grub Control Using Cedar-Based Product.

Add On Services:

  • Seed Slicing
  • Lawn Fix

DIY Fertilization Program

For those wanting a hands-on approach, our DIY Program takes the guesswork out of Organic Lawn Care. We work with you to set up a program that is easy to follow.

How It Works

All our organic fertilization programs start with a soil test. Soil testing provides critical information about the current state of your soil. ElecroCut mails you the soil sampling supplies with easy-to-follow instructions on how to take the sample. You dig the dirt and mail it to the laboratory for testing. The results then come back to us after interpretation and is incorporated into an Organic Lawn Care Guide for your property that you receive electronically.

The Organic Lawn Care guide includes the soil test results, outlines month by month how to care for your lawn through the whole growing season, when to apply products and maintenance practices that need to be followed in order to be successful (mowing, watering, etc.). Electrocut will deliver needed products to your door three times throughout the season right when they are supposed to be applied.

ElectroCut is with you throughout the growing season with any questions you may have.

Four Components Of Healthy Turf

  • Soil Chemistry.
    Create and maintain a hospitable environment for the soil biology necessary for growing turf by correcting pH and calcium to magnesium imbalances.
  • Soil Biology.
    Feed the microbes in the soil an All-Natural Organic Fertilizer so they remain active and in turn can feed the plant.
  • Soil Structure.
    Promote the porosity and nutrient holding capacity of the soil by addressing organic matter and CEC deficiencies.
  • Cultural Practices.
    Proper mowing, aeration, over-seeding and irrigation practices will have the biggest impact on the overall success of your program!

Overseeding Lawn services

Expert Overseeders

Over seeding your yard is the first step toward a lush, green lawn. ElectroCut Lawn Care is your local expert when it comes to planting and overseeding grass for a new lawn. For overseeding in spring and summer as well as fall overseeding, just call the experts.

We also offer professional lawn overseeding service as part of our lawn maintenance packages. Over seeding your lawn fills in bare spots to create thick and healthy turf that stands up to foot traffic, retains moisture, and looks great!

Lawn Over Seeding

Over seeding helps fill in bare spots or, when applied to the entire yard, improve the overall density of your existing lawn. Spring or fall are the best seasons for overseeding because the seed has time to become established in the soil, and isn’t stressed from foot traffic, drought, or pests. This is why you should consider overseeding in the spring or waiting until the end of summer to start fall overseeding.

Our fall and spring lawn overseeding services work great in tandem with our lawn aeration services. Lawn aeration and overseeding work well together because the holes from aeration provide the seed with a perfect spot to germinate and grow.

Over seeding your yard is the first step toward a lush, green lawn

Slow Release Fertilizers

What is slow release fertilizer? In a nutshell, slow release fertilizers are fertilizers that release a small, steady amount of nutrients over a course of time. These can be natural, plant organic fertilizers that add nutrients to the soil by naturally breaking down and decomposing. Most often, though, when a product is called slow release fertilizer, it is fertilizer coated with plastic resin or sulfur based polymers which slowly break down from water, heat, sunlight and/or soil microbes.

Quick releasing fertilizers can be overapplied or improperly diluted, which can result in the burning of plants. They can also be quickly leached out of the soil by regular rain or watering. Using slow release lawn fertilizers eliminates the risk of fertilizer burn, while also staying in the soil longer. Per pound, the cost of slow release fertilizers is generally a little more expensive, but the frequency of application with slow release fertilizers is much less, so the cost of both types of fertilizers throughout the year is very comparable.

Best Way to Overseed Lawns

  • Mow low.
    Before over seeding, cut the grass shorter than normal. After mowing, rake the lawn to help loosen the top layer of soil and remove any dead grass and debris. This will give the grass seed easy access to the soil so it can root more easily after germinating.

  • Aerate the soil.
    Soil aeration is among the primary conditions for plant development. However, while fertilization or irrigation is a regular practice for farmers, soil aeration importance is often underestimated and, therefore, remains unattended. Yet, beneficial soil aeration effects on root growth and activity ensure healthy vegetation and, consequently, high yields.The process of soil aeration provides air supply underground by moving O2 and CO2 between earth pores and the atmosphere. It helps avoid oxygen starvation in crops and reduce harmful carbon dioxide levels in the subsurface air if they rise too high. Various soil aeration tools and methods allow maintaining proper air circulation in the subsurface, bringing vital oxygen to the root zone.

  • Choose the right seeding product.
    Which type of premium grass seed you choose depends on your existing grass type. The overseeder experts at ElectroCut Lawn care can help you decide which type of premium grass seed will thrive on your property.

  • Water after overseeding.
    Immediately following aeration and overseeding, the goal is to keep the seeds moist, but not sopping wet. It will likely take about ten to 21 days after overseeding for germination to begin and the moist top 1 inch of soil will facilitate this growth. In order to keep the seed moist, but not soaked, it’s best to water in short bursts. This may mean watering two to three times per day but doing so for a shorter period of time (15 to 20 minutes) in each location.If it is not possible to keep the soil moist, it increases the risk of the new grass seeds failing to grow, or starting to germinate and then die. This could be a waste of your investment in the service in the first place. Therefore, it’s worth putting in the effort to water adequately. When new grass germinates, it definitely requires some extra care. New grass plants don’t have the root systems of an established lawn. Therefore, this new grass needs more attention until it matures. This can take anywhere from six to nine months. The goal is to keep the top 2 to 3 inches of soil moist, but not waterlogged, during this early growth.Following germination, you’ll want to water less frequently but use more water. The key is to soak the soil to a depth of two to three inches. This might mean watering two to three times a week or possibly for as long as an hour at a time. During this phase, you’re watering for a longer duration but not as often (as opposed to a shorter duration, but every day.) You want to achieve soil saturation during this period of watering. This will allow the roots to grow deeper and help make your lawn more drought-tolerant in the long run.How can you tell when the grass is mature enough to start to back off of this schedule? As a very general rule of thumb, once grass gets long enough to mow, you can feel confident it’s progressing as it should. After you’ve mowed three or four times, it’s likely fairly well-established and you can start to back off of watering as frequently as you’ve been.

Over seeding is the Key to the Lawn You Want

If you are tired of bare spots or thin patches in your lawn, you can trust the experts at ElectroCut Lawn Care for lawn seeding and over seeding services to restore your turf. When used with our other lawn maintenance services, our over seeding services take an holistic approach toward lawn care. Get a head start to a great-looking lawn and request a job estimate or give us a call.

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