Zero pollution.  Total satisfaction.

A Beautiful Lawn that Meets Your High Standards:

Why choose ElectroCut Lawn Care?

Why choose ElectroCut Lawn Care?

  • Zero Emissions
  • Quiet and Clean
  • Electric Service Vehicle
  • Fully insured
  • Total Satisfaction Guarantee*
  • Only $25-$40/service for most lawns
  • 100% local, not a chain or a franchise
  • Simple: Cut, Trim, Edge. Repeat as Needed

Your Lawn, Your Choice:
Nothing says more about your commitment to the Earth than how you manage your own little piece of it.  So let ElectroCut Lawn Care achieve superior results for you without all the noise and pollution of conventional lawn equipment.  It’s a choice only you can make.

Request a free estimate from ElectroCut Lawn Care today.  Most lawns are serviced with our new electric vehicle, also powered with solar energy.

Regular Service Includes:
Mowing, edging, line-trimming, blowing done on an “as-needed” basis.  So relax, and let ElectroCut handle the lawn.

Going green with ElectroCut is easy AND affordable — only $25-$40/service for an average yard.

With customers in the Amherst, MA and Northampton, MA areas, ElectroCut Lawn Care has built a reputation for outstanding customer service.

Total Satisfaction Guarantee:
ElectroCut Lawn Care is so confident in its methods and its modern, zero-emissions equipment that your satisfaction is guaranteed* or you don’t pay.  It’s that simple!

Gasoline-Powered Lawn Care vs. ElectroCut Lawn Care
The choice is yours.

Gasoline-Powered Lawn Care
Power Unit Dirty Internal combustion engine Clean Electric Motor
Energy Source Gasoline or Diesel Green Energy
Air Pollution Extreme Pollution (see above) Zero Emissions
Noise Pollution Deafening Noise (100 dB) Conversation Quiet (55 dB)
Fumes Emitted Toxic Petroleum Fumes and VOCs Zero Fumes
Environmental Stewardship Negative:  Supports fossil fuel purchases Positive: 2% of net proceeds donated to environmental charities.
Quality of Results Usually Good, but at What Cost? Excellent and Backed by a Total Satisfaction Guarantee*

ElectroCut Lawn Care Environmental Pledge:

  • Zero emissions, lithium-ion powered equipment used for all jobs
  • Solar energy used to power all equipment
  • Most jobs services with out new electric vehicle
  • Clippings mulched back into lawn for sustainable fertilization
  • 100% local business (not a franchise or a chain)
  • 2% of net proceeds donated to environmental charities

We’ve made our pledge, now you make yours.

check_circleYes, I Request a Free Estimate from ElectroCut Lawn Care

*Satisfaction guarantee:  If you are unsatisfied with a job, contact ElectroCut and we will try to make it right. If you remain unsatisfied, that job is free.